Excellence in controlling security

Cyber security specialist
for Industrial Control Systems

vanderVoort Cyber Security is specialized in the cyber security of Operational Technology (OT).

We will work closely with you on:

- Analyzing the cyber risk for your OT environment
- Assessing the current cyber security of your OT environment
- Designing and implementing security and resilience measures
- Designing and implementing security-management
- Training and coaching your personnel

We achieve results by a combination of repeatable methods and applying our specialist experience to optimize solutions for your specific environment and circumstances.

Our clients are companies that run, design, implement, audit, sell or insure Industrial Control Systems (ICS), Distributed Control Systems, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), PLC/PAC based systems. Clients come from all industrial sectors such as, but not limited to, power generation, oil & gas industry, chemicals production, pharmaceutical industry, (waste)water treatment, flood protection, food production, industrial goods production etc.

All our clients are characterized as being heavily dependent on Operational Technology and have stringent safety and reliability requirements.

We are looking forward to improve your cyber security with reliable, practical and cost effective measures, working with you and your CEO, CIO, CSO, plant manager, risk manager, maintenance manager, safety manager, process network engineer, network engineer, process engineer, field engineer, auditor and compliance officer.